[Vignette] Insensible


Scriptwriter Oyewyn. K || Poster Designed By Laykim @ Indo Fanfictions Arts || Genre Romance, Hurt, Sad, and Marriage Life || Starred CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk and F(x)’s Jung Soo Jung a.k.a Krystal Jung || Disclaimer This is original from my mind. No plagiarsm! No Silent readers! || Note Penulisan dengan font italic adalah flashback

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Sleepless Night

Author: Oyewyn (Twitter: @A_Oktaviany22)

Genre: Romance (Drable)

Main cast: Kang Min Hyuk (CNBLUE)

Credit poster: Sifixo @ Indo Fanfictions Arts

Disclaimer: The plot is mine ‘cause its REAL MY IMAGINATION FROM MY MIND. No Bash! No Plagiator! No Silent Readers! Enjoyed!

Note: This is a songfic and inspired by a song tittled Sleepless Night by CNBLUE

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