[Oneshoot] Autumn Event – Precious You


Chunniest and Amy Park Present

A Fanfic Requested by Sarah

Precious You

Genre: Romace – Family – Drama | Lenght : Oneshoot | Rated: PG15

Kim Ji Won a.k.a Kim Bobby (iKON)

Lee Hi a.k.a Lee Hayi / Kim Hayi

Supporting Cast :

Shin Jimin (AOA)

Aku pikir, bersamanya seumur hidup bukan pilihan yang tepat.”


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1st Anniversary -TOOK [Like a Terror] (chapter 2)

TOOK – like a terror

Presented by caffeinc

starring Apink Chorong, Winner Mino, Red Velvet Wendy, iKON bobby [kim jiwon]

A chaptered teen fanfiction with 3,5+k words that contains horror, romance, mistery

Thank you for this amazing poster cr. Arcee at Indo Fanfictions Arts

Don’t do copy and paste without my permission and don’t do plagiatism!

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Discovering by Scailis Sher || Main Cast(s):  Bobby (iKON) & Karenza (OC/You) || Minor Cast(s):  Song Mino? || Genre(s): Romance, Fluff (I hope so >,<), Hurt/Comfort. || Point of View: First Person (Karenza) || Length: Ficlet || Rating: PG – 15 || Disclaimer: Bobby and another real casts belong to the company, their self and God. Original character and plot are mine.

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” – Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

– Discovering –

“Lupakan mantan kekasihmu, ya?”

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Blind Date

Blind Date

Blind date by Scailis Sher || Main Cast(s):  Song Mino (Winner) & Hera Devereux. || Minor Cast(s):  Bobby  (iKON) || Genre(s):  Romance, slight!Fluff. || Point of View:  Third Person || Length: Ficlet || Rating: PG – 17 || Disclaimer: Song Mino and another real casts belongs to God. Original character belongs to your imagination and me. Plot is mine.

– Blind Date –

“Oh, percayalah padaku, hyung.”

Kim Jiwon atau yang lebih akrab disapa Bobby itu menyodorkan secarik kertas bertintakan sebuah alamat kepada Mino. Sedangkan yang lebih tua hanya bergeming, tidak yakin harus menikmati apa tidak ‘hadiah’ dari teman satu sekolahnya dulu.

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