1st Anniversary – Protect the Princess [PART 2]


qintazshk with Joonisa, slmnabil, Uniquechildish and dohayee’s present 

⌊ Protect the Princess⌋

RV’s Irene, JYJ’s Jaejong and Yoochun, T-ARA’s Eunjung

add EXO’s Suho

PG-17 [for cursing and others]  | Romance-Action | Chaptered | Poster by Laykim @ Indo Fanfictions Art [thank you so muuuch kak ❤

Presented for 1st Anniversary Indo Fanfiction! ❤

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[oneshoot] Better Late Than Never

better late than never by qintazshk

qintazshk’s present

⌊ Better Late Than Never ⌋

Kim Junmyeon and Bae Joohyun [Suho-Irene]

T  | Romance [fluff maybe]   | Oneshoot

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[Series] When You Come [PART 2]


qintazshk‘s present

 ⌊ When You Come ⌋

Jung Soojung and Kim Jongin
Lee Taeyong as additional cast

PG-13 |  chaptered  |  Fantasy/Action/Romance |  Poster by elevenoliu {Thanks kaaak <3}

prequel fiction from [ficlet] You in here | PART 1

you can read with another pairing in here and here

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[Drabble] I Won’t!


qintazshk’s present

⌊ I Won’t ⌋

Bae Joo Hyun and Kim Joon Myeon

T  | (no genre can be add) | very simple drabble

Previous : Happy

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[Drabble] Happy


 qintazshks present

 ⌊ Happy ⌋

 Kim Joon Myeon as Suho and Bae Joo Hyun

Teen | Romance/fail Fluff | drabble | SuRene fist moment! ❤

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qintazshks present

 ⌊ Ending ⌋

 Park Chanyeol and Choi Jinri
Zhang Yixing and Oh Sehun

Teen | ficlet | Marriage Life-Sad | Poster by here

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