[Drabble|PLF] Pretty

Playlist-Fict : Postmen – 예뻐졌더라 (She’s Pretty)

OtherwiseM presented

|| [Boyfriend] Donghyun x [Sistar] Dasom || Angst, Romance || Drabble || PG-13 ||

You look pretty, you look happy

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[PLF] Maaf

Playlist-Fict : Sweden Laundry ft. Letter Flow – Sorry

OtherwiseM presented

|| [Boyfriend] Kwangmin and a girl || Angst, Drama || Drablle || PG-15 ||

I’m sorry for being egoist

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[Ficlet] Sorridere



OtherwiseM present


|| [Boyfriend] Jeongmin and You || Angst, Romance, Semi-Marriage-Life || Ficlet || PG-15 ||


Based from prompt

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[Ficlet] Waras


OtherwiseM present


[Boyfriend] Jo Kwangmin and a girl || Fluff, failed! Comedy || Ficlet (400+ words) || PG-15 ||



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[Vignette] Senseless



OtherwiseM presented


|| [OC] Hwang Min Rin, [Boyfriend] Jeongmin, with mention of [BTS] Suga/Min Yoongi || Fluff, failed!Comedy, Romance || Vignette (1000+ words) || PG-15 ||


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[Ficlet] Lost of Mind


Lost of Mind


 OtherwiseM‘s debut fict


|| [OC] Lucy x [Boyfriend] Minwoo, with mention of [Boyfriend] Donghyun || Fantasy, Fluff (maybe) || PG-13 || Ficlet (500+ words) ||


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[INTRO] Writer _ OtherwiseM

sad 3


OtherwiseM 인데용 ^^;

Ayo kenalan! ^^;

|| OtherwiseM || Imel 00L || Bestfriend ‘n StarshipStan || music addict ||

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