[Vignette] Remember


Dania Fina present

R e m e m b e r

with EXO’s Lay [Zhang Yixing] and OC’s Kim Najung [You]

Vignette (1,7K+ words) • Romance, slight! Sad • Teen

“Aku Yixing dan kau Najung.”

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[Drabbles] Five Shades of Byun


Dania Fina present

F i v e  S h a d e s  o f  B y u n

Comedy, Romance, Sad, Crime | Teen and Mature (for harsh scene)

[Five Song Drabbles for the birthday boy today]

Happy Reading!

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[Ficlet] Healer

Healer - poster

Dania Fina present

H e a l e r

staring EXO’s Lay [Zhang Yixing] and OC’s Najung

Ficlet [>500 words] • Romance • Teen

cr. Lay’s image @  SMTOWN_FANBASE tweet

“Yixing itu seperti dukun penyembuh.”

Happy reading !

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[Drabble] Secret


Dania Fina present

S e c r e t

Staring iKON’s Chanwoo and Red Velvet’s Yeri

Drabble • Romance • Teen

“Pst, aku punya sebuah rahasia.”

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