[Ficlet] Winter Confession



Winter Confession

©2016 tyavi’s Let it Snow Ficlet Series

[iKON] Chanwoo and [Soloist] Shannon Williams

Romance, Fluff | Ficlet Series | PG

Soundtrack :

Sung Sikyung, Park Hyosin, Seo Inguk and VIXX – Winter Confession

Summary :

On the day the first snow came

I called you

Because I want to tell the happiest things

to you first

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[Drabble] Sorry – selviakim



selviakim storyline [This story for kak wao ~]

Jung Yonghwa [CNBlue] and Shin Minah [OC]



Poster:  SifixoPoster Channel ( Thank you for an amazing poster, kak ❤ )

“Apakah terlalu terlambat untuk meminta maaf sekarang?”

I own the plot and OC. Don’t be plagiator!

♫ Sorry by Justin Bieber ♫

sorry for typo(s)


-All Yonghwa POV-

Rasanya sudah hampir dua minggu aku tidak menghubungimu. Hei, bagaimana kabarmu Shin Minah? Apakah kau baik-baik saja tanpaku? Continue reading