[INTRO] Writer_Cantikagretha



My name’s Cantika Gretha, you can call me cantika or gretha. I’m 00 liner.. yeah I’m still young. Baby I’m pretty young and wild and so fine~ *sing* kekeke

I’m an EXO-L actually, but I loves other BB like SHINEE and BTS.

My bias ? Sehun and Kai of course. I don’t know why but they really attract me from they debut MV.

I’ve been wrote some of fanfiction, and most of them are in thriller and dark genre. Why ? I don’t know why. I just like to write a fanfiction in thriller genre.

You can find me at :

WordPress | EXO Kingdom FF

Line : cantikafebby

Last, but not the last from me,

Please support and give so much love at my writing guyss😄

With love,



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