Water And Oil Vol.2


Water And Oil

Judul: Water and Oil Vol 2

Author: Kinantikk

Genre: Romance

Length : Chaptered

Rating:  Teen  [13+]

Main Cast:

  • Kim Myungsoo as myungsoo
  • Jung Soojung as krystal
  • Oh sehun as Sehun

Support Cast:

  • Jung Yoobi
  • Park chanmi

Poster By: OverClass

[ Chapter 1 ] On Going

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[Ficlet] Break Heart: If You Loved Me


Break Heart: If You Loved Me

 | Yang Min Soo | Kim Seok Jin & Lee Ryuna (OC) | Genre: Romance, Sad, Angst | Length: Ficlet | Rate: PG-13 |

Cast belong to god. Don’t be plagiarism, don’t bash, and i hope you like it, guys 🙂

Inspired from ZIA ft. Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) – If You Loved Me


Namun laki-laki itu memilih untuk meninggalkannya.

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