Finding Love [Chapter – 3] Heartbreaker

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Finding Love

Cast and Character | Chapter 1: What Happened? | Chapter 2: That Creepy Boy | Chapter 3: Heartbreaker

Written By © Amy Park

Main Cast:

BTS V – iKON B.I – Kim Hyemi (OC) – EXO Sehun

Supporting Cast:

Choi Minda (OC) – Park Yejin (OC) – Winner Taehyun – Jung Lucile (OC) – JYJ Jaejoong

Multichapter | PG15 | Romance – Family – Friendship – Angst



I cover my ears

But i can still hear your voice

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[Ficlet] Painful





 Yang Min Soo | Kim Seok Jin & Lee Ryuna (OC) | Genre: Romance, Sad, Angst| Length: Ficlet | Rate: PG-15|

Cast belong to god. Don’t be plagiarism, don’t bash, and i hope you like it, guys 😉




“Dia akan selalu mencintaimu, meskipun kau membunuhnya. Aku tahu itu”

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