[Ficlet] The Wolf That Fell In Love with Red Riding Hood


jeonbyhanna present

Cast: Kim Jongin (EXO), Yoon Bomi (APink) || Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Sad || Rating: PG-15

Kagamine Rin and Len – The Wolf That Fell In Love With Little Red Riding Hood

“It’s cruel, we’re cursed,”




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Dear Crush [Part 1]

DEAR CRUSH - Mark,Mijoo,Seunghoon

Dear Crush

By Joonisa



GOT7 Mark

WINNER Seunghoon

And other support casts…..

Romance, Friendship, AU | Twoshots |PG-15

Disclaimer: I just own the plot and the idea, not the character except Mark *haha*

Note: Thank AXYrus for the great poster *i admire u*

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Poster by Ychvn

Title : LUCKY (Chapter 8) || Author : DessyDS || Genre : Romance, Sad, Family, Friendship, Drama || Rating : PG – 17 || Leght : Chapter || Main Cast : Kim Nara (OC) & Luhan || Other Cash : Find By Yourself ^^

Disclaimers                  :           Semua cast milik Tuhan dan orang tua masing – masing.

Author Note : Semua cerita ini murni dari pemikiran saya sendiri. Jika ada kesamaan itu tidak kesengajaan. ^^ so don’t be siders and plagiator.

Prev part : 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th 

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[Ficlet] Translucent (krisyeon)

Translucent-Alana-Pis !


Author ||  Alana

Cast || Wu Yifan feat Park Jiyeon

Genre || Sad

Length || Ficlet

Rated || M


Disclaimer ||  I Own Nothing But The Story



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Rotto (Chapter 3 of 3 -Final)

mistake 2




⌈Yang Minsoo Present⌋

Cast: Kim Minseok, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin

Genre: Family, Sad, Brothership, Friendship

Length: Chaptered

Rate: G

Cast belong to god. Don’t be plagiarism, don’t bash, and i hope you like it, guys 🙂

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